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Three New Strategies for Weight Loss

Are you looking for weight loss techniques that actually work and don’t starve you? I know how frustrating it is to feel you've tried everything and nothing has worked! Today I have a few methods that perhaps you have not tried, methods that have worked for our clients.

Overcome Weight Loss Resistance with Karen Martel

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Karen is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and weight loss expert from Canada. She is a health leader and researcher determined to revolutionize nutrition for modern women. In this episode Karen and I talk about some of the causes of weight loss resistance like stress, hormones & indigestion.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 02:30 What is weight loss resistance?
Min 04:10 Karen's personal experience with weight loss resistance
Min 09:20 Testing to get to the root cause
Min 10:40 Karen's passion in nutrition & helping women
Min 14:35 Causes of weight loss resistance
Min 20:35 Karen's personal meal plans & health coaching
Min 23:50 Weight loss resistance case scenarios
Min 28:00 The ketogenic diet & being in ketosis
Min 33:40 Karen's resources
Min 36:25 Connecting with your health coach

To learn more about Karen, visit her website here and follow her on social media:


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Bridgit Danner,

Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

A Functional Approach to Weight Loss with Tara Thorne

Tara Thorne is a clinical nutritionist living in Canada & in this episode she is going to talk about functional medicine approach to weight loss. We'll also talk about intermittent fasting and supplements.

Click here to download an mp3 of "A Functional Approach to Weight Loss with Tara Thorne."

Here's what you'll hear: 

Min 02:30 Introduction to Tara Thorne

Min 04:00 Health effects of extra fat tissue

Min 07:00 Loving your body

Min 07:55 Mindset for health

Min 09:25 Adiponectin Hormone

Min 12:30 Stress, cortisol, insulin & weight connection

Min 16:35 Why cortisol increases with age

Min 19:20 Gut health & weight management

Min 24:40 Nutrition for weight loss

Min 28:30 Protein and weight loss

Min 31:00 Intermittent fasting

Min 36:40 Supplements for weight loss, sugar cravings & boosting Adiponectin

Min 45:15 Tara's coaching program & resources

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Tara Thorne's Resources: 

To learn more about Tara Thorne, visit her website here and follow her on social media:





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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative

Weight Loss Starts with Trust with Michelle Hastie Thompson

As a health practitioner and educator, I am very cautious about talking about weight loss. Though I know that many women struggle with weight, I don't like to emphasize the weight aspect of health, or encourage any sort of particular diet to lose weight.

There is one 'style' of weight loss advice I feel good about, and our guest today, Michelle Hastie Thompson, espouses that style, so she got to come on the show!

This style involves self-love and self-awareness.  I am not a proponent of if you have the right mindset, you can eat anything, but I am a proponent of making any changes to our health starts with a healthy mindset.

And this is the truest with weight loss.  If we feel badly about ourselves, and mistrustful of food and our bodies, can cannot have feel good about our weight no matter how much we weigh.

Join Michelle and me as we learn:

  • Why trust is step one to losing weight
  • How you can let go of the fear of weight gain
  • Managing pregnancy weight gain and post-partum weight loss
  • How to cultivate presence, with food and in life
  • Learning to love yourself right now, not when you lose weight
  • Learning to use your intuition about food
  • How excess weight is a gift to learn life lessons
  • How to move into 'ideal weight consciousness'

More about our guest:

Michelle Hastie Thompson is the author of The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, available on Amazon.  She is also a mind -body health coach Total Body Health Solutions, and was trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

She speaks about the struggle with weight from her own experience of being obsessed with exercise and calorie counting, and gaining weight nonetheless.  After she got injured and was laid out on the couch doing nothing, she lost weight.  Confused and intrigued, she started to research.

More about your host:

Bridgit Danner is a women's health educator at Women's Wellness Collaborative, an online resource for education on hormones, and inspiration on healthy lifestyle.

Pick up here free interactive hormone stressor quiz here, and look at other resources available through Women's Wellness Collaborative.

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