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How to Overcome Chronic Health Conditions with Sandie Gascon

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Sandie Gascon is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner from Ontario, Canada. She works with men and women to help free them from various health issues, live their lives to their fullest and do the activities they love. She is our guest this week where we talk about overcoming chronic health conditions like migraines, acne & Lupus, and steps to healing.

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Here's what you'll hear:

Min 01:50 Introduction to Sandie Gascon & her training
Min 02:45 Sandie Gascon's health history
Min 11:00 Dealing with Lupus & gadolinium
Min 14:10 Sandie's resources to heal herself
Min 19:05 Amino acid therapy & SSRI
Min 24:20 Trial & error healing, and studying FDN
Min 28:45 Laying the foundation of healing
Min 35:00 Frustrations during healing
Min 43:15 Oxilates & testing
Min 47:00 Sandie's resources

To learn more about Sandie Gascon, visit her website here and follow her on social media:

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Here's a video of the interview I did with Sandie Gascon.

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