Alix Northup

The Magic of Yoga and Travel with Alix Northup

My guest this week is an old friend and colleague, Alix Northup.  Alix is a very centered and peaceful person, who is dedicated to the journey of body and mind, and she loves to help others along their own paths as well.

Alix is a certified yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist. As a teen, she dealt with severe scoliosis, wearing a brace and probably dealing with a lot of frustration around it.

Luckily her mom, who was an MD with holistic leanings, got her to try yoga. She took to it immediately, and stuck with it.

Along the way she also developed a love for travel.  She spent some time in Nepal a few years ago, and there began a seed of an idea to come back and teach.  After some slowdowns and changes, she is excited to be leading a small group on a yogic/ cultural/spiritual journey there soon.

To learn more about Alix, visit her site here.  She teaches yoga and practices massage locally in Portland, Oregon.

Information on her group tours to Nepal can be found here.  The tours to Nepal are happening in October 2016 as well as October 2017.

We also filmed a short, one-pose yoga video here.  This simple pose is great for back pain.

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