Guest Blog: Do your Gut Bugs Influence Your Weight and Overall Health?

New research shows that your body does best when your gut microflora exhibits more bacteria AND a high degree of biodiversity or richness. A lack of gut bacteria and diversity is a cause for concern.  This makes sense since the bacteria living in you produce vitamins, mature and strengthen the immune system, and communicate with your nerve and hormone-producing cells, among many other functions.

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Guest Blog: 37 Things I’m Happy I Learned By Age 37

This guest blog is brought to you by Emily Pereira of  I first saw Emily speak at the Fertlity Planit event in Los Angeles in 2014.  Emily was incredibly authentic, and shared her journey from 'happy only on outside' to how she become truly content on the inside.

She recently shared her inspirational wisdom, on her 37th birthday, and I wanted to share her 37 discoveries with you. Enjoy!

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Women and Autoimmune Disease, part 1 of 3

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc, “autoimmune diseases strike women three times more than men.” They further state that autoimmune diseases are the 4th highest reason for female disability, and are in the top ten for cause of death. 

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