Learn About Colostrum

One of the wonderful things about my job is that I get to continually learn more. Two supplements I've recently studied I wanted to share with you.

They are IGG Colostrum powder and its cousin, Immunolox, by Nutrasumma.

Colostrum is the 'first milking' of mammals, but it's not exactly milk. It's a fatty, nutrient-dense liquid that has (at least) 200 beneficial components to human health. Some of those components include stem cell growth factor (read: makes you new tissue) and proline-rich polypeptides (read: regulates inflammation through the immune system response.)

When baby mammals are first born, their guts needs to be readied to process the nourishment, and block the foreign invaders, it will soon encounter. As 70% of our immune system is in our gut, colostrum is a big benefit to the immune system as well.

When babies are born, their guts are leaky. They have not yet developed a barrier. Colostrum quickly comes in creates the initial barrier. So colostrum, even for us non-babies, is very helpful for healing leaky gut and reducing food sensitivities.

In addition to these uses, colostrum products are great for airborne allergies, as allergies are a manifestation of one branch of the immune system being under-active, while another branch is over-active.

When our bodies are constantly dealing with the stressful inflammation of leaky gut, airborne allergies and food sensitivities, there's a lot less energy available for sex drive and ovulation!

Dr. Tom O'Bryan of thedr.com has found the product Immunolox (i.e. PRP spray) to be beneficial to brain health by reducing inflammation. He recommends for 'aging adults' and children with ADD.

Using these two supplements together will be a 1 month course for mild cases, and two months for severe cases. The cost per month is about $70. They are both easy to take, BUT you also need to remove offending foods and habits during this month!

To summarize, consider colostrum products for:

Leaky gut
Food sensitivities
Airborne allergies
Optimal health for fertility

Supplement protocols, along with diet and lifestyle adjustments, are what I love to create with my clients.  See our website for opportunities to schedule and co-create your own custom protocol.


Bridgit Danner, LAc

Functional Women's Health Practitioner

Healthy Decision Making: part 1

Your head or your heart-who’s in charge of you?

If you are stuck in elevator, between floors, it's a great time to use your wits to figure out how to get the heck out of there.  And, thankfully, in our culture today, we are encouraged to follow our hearts when choosing a mate.  

But what about all the decisions in between these two extremes, when we are deciding what to eat, or when to exercise?  How about deciding our career, or what we are going to say next?

Do we follow our heart, or our brain?  

I am noticing how rarely in our culture we slow down, tune in, and listen to our heart, or our gut, in our decisions.  Most Americans just seem to rush frantically from task to task without any consideration of how they are feeling or what their true needs are.  

Women are a bit more prone to this, because of the way we deal with stress.  We are less apt to recognize that we need to unwind when we are in fight or flight.  

Rushing around with little regard to our true needs can have a major impact on our health.  We may eat comfort or convenience foods as we ignore our body's cry for pure water or a fresh salad.  We may stay in relationships or jobs that are draining our limited resources.

Here's an experiment:  Dedicate one hour of your day today to really tune in to your needs before making every decision.  Do you want music or quiet?  Do you need a rest next, or some movement?  Do you need to reflect or learn?

You may be surprised to find how much more at peace you are when you work in tandem with your body and spirit, rather than letting your gray matter run the show!

Would you like to gain skills in following your heart?  Tune in to our podcast recording with the author of Heart Led Living, Sue Dumais, here.

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~Bridgit Danner, LAc