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Bridgit Danner, licensed acupuncturist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner

Bridgit Danner, licensed acupuncturist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner

I have been a supplement nerd for at least 15 years. When I moved my business online, it became very cumbersome to recommend and ship supplements. But this year we had a breakthrough and now have way for you to easily buy high- quality supplements from home.

Unfortunately we can’t yet ship internationally, but we DO plan to accommodate our international community members in the future. For now, I recommend that our international clients see what supplements/ ingredients we recommend, and then visit, a company that offers shipping to many countries. I have also heard that the supplements from Seeking Health can be shipped internationally, and these are good quality.

Choosing supplements is confusing but they CAN make a big difference in your health when you use the right ones.

I would love to give you my personal recommendations on supplements, diet and lifestyle for your symptoms on a private call.  Schedule here.