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This week I’m sharing seven of my recent interviews from my Facebook Live Expert Series.  I am hosting a new show every Thursday, so, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here! 

Coming up tomorrow on the show, we are talking about a lifestyle approach to healing Lyme disease.

One of our writers, Lindsay Christiansen, suffered from Lyme disease as well as multiple cross infections. She is now physically fit and thriving, with an approach based on diet and lifestyle.

Come learn about her new book, The Lyme Disease 30-Day Meal Plan, in our live interview this Thursday at 1 PM PT,/4 PM ET! Your live questions are welcome.

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Dr. Carrie Jones: Utilizing the DUTCH Hormone Test

There are few people on the planet that understand the intricacies of hormones like Dr. Carrie Jones. If you’d like to see the master herself explain test results, tune in and be amazed.

Bridgit Danner: Brain Fog and Brain Injuries

Neuroinflammation is one of the least appreciated causes of illness today. It is behind SO many symptoms, including brain fog, constipation, fatigue and more. Learn if you have it!

Dr. David Jockers: Top 5 Life-Changing Benefits of Fasting and How to Do It the Right Way!

The two techniques described in this video are perhaps the two most important things you can do for your health: hydrate and time your eating. A much watch!

Dr. Wendy Myers: Heavy Metals Testing

Wendy is one of my favorite guests for her depth of knowledge on the poorly understood topic of heavy metals.

Ari Whitten: Overcoming Fatigue and Enhancing Energy with Science-Backed Protocols

Don’t take your fatigue for granted! It is not normal. And there are many causes. If you don’t address ALL of them, you’re stuck being tired all the time.

Jonathan Bailor: Healthy Weight Loss through SANE Food Choices

There are so many opinions about diet! Get Jonathan’s take for a SANE approach. And be sure to get his free smoothie recipe guide below.

Dr. Christine Schaffner: Biofield Therapy for Chronic Illness

If you’ve ever experienced a shift in energy in your body- from withdrawn to open, for example- you know the healing power of these shifts. Your symptoms are more than physical. Find out how to heal yourself energetically.

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Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, is trained in functional health coaching and has worked with thousands of women over her career since 2004. She is the founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative, LLC and HormoneDetoxShop.com.

Check our her easy 5-Day DIY Detox Guide here!