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Ease Anxiety and Support Immunity in a Disaster with Mira Dessy

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Mira Dessy is the Ingredient Guru and a Houston area resident whose home was flooded in Hurricane Harvey. She is a practicing holistic nutritionist and meditation expert.

She’ll share both how she remediated her home and some of the emotional and physical health challenges she handled with nutrition, supplements and mindfulness.

We cover:

  • The DIY actions she is taking to restore her home

  • How a community can come together in a crisis

  • The symptoms she’s noticing right after the hurricane

  • The emotional toll of losing your possessions and your home

  • How even junky food, given with love, can be nourishing!

  • How to kick a sugar habit if you’ve relied on it through a disaster

  • The supplements Mira uses to stay healthy

  • How quick and simple meditations can help for sleep and stress


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Moisture Meter - to make sure all surfaces are dry enough before beginning the rebuilding process.

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Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP
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The Origins of Anxiety and Emotional Eating with Roy Nelson

I had a really amazing conversation with author and addiction counselor, Roy Nelson. Roy came from humble and violent beginnings. He joined the military and married at a young age.  Though he went on to have success in business, he was plagued by phobias, panic attacks and disordered eating.

He sought out help from psychologists to no avail. He finally had a breakdown/ breakthrough that gave him the realization that the source of his pain and suffering was feeling a separation from spirit.

For the next many years he sought out teachers and resources that help him reconnect with spirit. He found that when this connection was intact, disordered behaviors fell away.  Eventually people started coming to Roy and asking for help. He has spent the last 30 years helping others to overcome their own addictions.

"Disordered thinking leads to disordered living which leads to disordered eating." Roy Nelson

Even if you don't suffer from disordered eating or addictions, I think you will enjoy this interview. 

"This episode is really about the deep underlying thing that causes pain and fear in our lives." Bridgit Danner

Roy shares some things you can start to do right away to quiet your own anxieties.

Find out more about Roy's program for addiction here.

Find his book, Love Notes from Hell, here.

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