Identifying Gut Bugs and Systemic Candida with Andrea Maxim, ND

Sometimes when we know some things about natural medicine, we can oversimplify a problem.

Let's say, you have loose stool, and you say, "oh, I just have a sensitive stomach," or "it's because I eat a lot of vegetables." (By the way, I hear that second one A LOT and, no, you don't get loose stools from vegetables or being a vegetarian!)

Or say you are having brain fog (for the 100th day in a row) and say,"I just need a snack."

What if it's not that simple?  What if there are major issues you are overlooking, perhaps lurking in your gut?


Dr. Andrea Maxim is our guest on the podcast today, and she is sharing some great insights on commonly overlooked symptoms of intestinal parasites, bacterial imbalance, and systemic candida.

Dr. Maxim is the author of the book, Maximized Health:  The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones.  Her clinic, in the Hamilton, Ontario region of Canada, were voted 'best naturopathic clinic' by the Hamilton Reader's Choice for the past three years.  

Andrea is passionate about spreading the message of Maximized Health.  You can find her video blogs, her book, and information about becoming a patient at her website, The Maxim Movement

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The possible signs and symptoms of a gut infection
  • How she tests for infections
  • How we become infected in the first place 
  • How often she finds gut bugs (this may shock you!)
  • Some of Andrea's favorite supplements and protocols for infections

Andrea also shared her top 3 'must have' supplements for every body:

  1. A quality multivitamin
  2. Fish oil
  3. Greens powder

Enjoy this episode with Dr. Andrea Maxim, and share this blog if it would be helpful for the ones you love!

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I share some of my own struggle with two recent bug diagnoses on the episode.  

Have you overcome yeast, bacterial or parasitic infections?  How did you find out and how did you treat it?