Ayurveda Curious? Learn from Guest Expert, Jeevani Eigen

I am a yoga-loving American woman, having practiced for over a decade, but still don't know much about Ayurveda.  If you're like me, Ayurveda curious, then enjoy this new podcast with my old friend, Jeevani Eigen.  

Jeevani will give us some context, taking the elements and how they influence Ayurvedic theory.  Then we'll dive into one theory within Ayurveda, the tri-doshic theory.  

The three doshas are:  Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  When there are imbalances in these subtle energies, it can signal a pre-curser to disease.

Here are some qualities of each dosha, and Jeevani explains you can have a blend of types:


  • Air and ether
  • Fall
  • Tall and slim body type
  • Skin and hair may be dry
  • Dark, small, darting eyes
  • Creative, enthusiastic
  • Like to travel and move
  • May struggle with boundaries and focus
  • Can get overwhelmed, or crash and burn
  • Most active 2-6 AM or PM


  • Fire and water
  • Summer
  • Medium build
  • Straight, fair hair, or bald
  • Sharp, bright eyes, and sensitive to light
  • Intelligent, clear thinking learners
  • Likes to be the leader
  • Most active 10-2 AM or PM


  • Earth, water
  • Winter, Spring
  • Big boned
  • Pure, pale skin
  • Thick, curly hair
  • Big, beautiful eyes
  • Loving, grounded, stable
  • High endurance
  • Nourishing homebodies
  • Struggle with deadlines
  • Most active 6-10 AM or PM

Here are some resources Jeevani mentioned:

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