Holistic Dental Care with Cindy Haas

When I first began to specialize in fertility, I learned that it's important to have a healthy mouth.  I was surprised, but intrigued.  I went on to learn the danger of hidden / untreated infections in the body, and how they stress our whole system.

As I developed my Baby Launch Camp training program, I shared this information with other women.  They were equally surprised, and eager to learn more.

It took a while to find a real-life holistic dental expert, but I finally found one at a housewarming party in Vancouver, Washington!

Cindy Haas was a Dental Hygienist for many years before also becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

She published a book called Over the Lips and through the Gums to teach others about the mouth and how our choices effect our oral health.  She also educates dental professionals who want to incorporate more holistic methods into their practices at Integrative Dental Concepts.  

Cindy was nice enough to answer my myriad of questions about oral hygiene.  It's a long episode, but I encourage you to listen through to the end when we give some practical tips.

Here are some things you'll learn on the show:

  • What is the bacterial environment in the mouth?
  • How do teeth get nutrients versus get decayed?
  • What are the most important foods to eat or avoid for oral health?
  • Are brushing and flossing getting the job done?
  • What about these dental options:  fluoride, xylitol, MI paste, oil pulling and water pics?
  • How can we help our babies develop a healthy mouth?

This is really exciting and important information that is sadly still hard to find.  I hope you enjoy the show and share it with a friend who needs it!  

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