PCOS, Ammenorhea and More on the Podcast this month

There have been some HOT topics on the podcast this month!  I love the powerful, brillant ladies I've been honored to meet.  I'll recap below:

Amy Medling, Nicole Jardim and Moon Cho

Amy Medling, Nicole Jardim and Moon Cho

1.  First we had Nicole Jardim, women's health coach, talking about the reasons and solutions behind ammenorhea (no period for 3 months or more.)  

Ammenorhea can be caused by post-birth control use, overtraining, under-eating, extreme diets and stress.  There is a good chance you'll experience a bout of ammenorhea in your lifetime.  

Come learn from Nicole how to preserve your cycle, and why cycling matters to your long-term health, on this podcast.

2.  Last week I interviewed Moon Cho from Ying Yang Living.  I think she is my new Korean American soul sister.  I love her strong convictions and New York accent!  She talked about healthy diet and lifestyle following Asian tradition...and we definitely went off on some tangents!  Listen here.

3.  Lastly, I will interview Amy Medling of PCOS Diva.  PCOS is the most common female hormone disorder.  It leads to embarrassing signs like acne, facial hair and balding.  Plus it's linked to more serious and heart-wrenching disorders such as infertility and type 2 diabetes.  

Amy not only took control of her PCOS naturally, but she got pregnant naturally as a result. Listen to her sound advice here.

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