Why Mindfulness Is a Vital Part of a Healthy Life by LaToya Gay

When looking at the entire scope of what wellness consists of, it's obvious to see that it's made up of multiple areas that should work in accordance with one another, forming harmony and balance. These areas are mind, body and spirit, which again summons a larger list of aspects of our life that should be addressed and given attention so that we feel whole, happy and healthy.

However, to create sustainable and manageable changes in your life, it's important to start from solid foundations. Where are the foundations formed? The place where our actions are formed: our minds. The mind can be a wonderful tool when used consciously. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people create negative thought patterns without realizing they've done so.

Through developing a mindful awareness of our thoughts, we can become more conscious of our actions and gain more control over our destiny. Mindfulness is a key element to creating wellness in life, so let’s delve deep into its benefits and how you can use it.

Thought Awareness

As you may know, everything that we do and manifest in our lives begins as a thought in our minds. What thoughts we choose to engage with will usually result in how we act, which then brings about our circumstances. If your thoughts are negative and you choose to give them purchase, they will create suffering and dissatisfaction in your life. When we look at our mind activity in this way, the seriousness and severity of our thoughts are truly evident.

But with a lack of awareness from individuals and society in general, how are people to be taught this important concept? It's vital that you take mindfulness seriously and realize that it has the power to transform your life from the foundation up, including everyone you come into contact with.

When we observe our thoughts, we don't necessarily interact with them. Shifting perspective like this enables us to see our thoughts and their agenda before buying into them. This means we can weed out negative thoughts and only interact with positive life-enhancing mental activity instead. Developing thought awareness is something that must be practiced daily, but there's a lot of opportunities to hone the skill given the number of thoughts we have each day.

Removing Secondary Suffering

Mindfulness is an effective way to reduce pain and suffering in your life, even physical discomfort. Humans can actually enhance the pain they feel when injured through something called secondary suffering. Secondary suffering is where someone endures physical harm, and through thinking about the pain, they increase its severity. Primary pain is unavoidable, but secondary isn't. Through using mindfulness, we can choose to focus on positivity and the healing of our body, rather than discomfort and soreness.

Scientific research and experimentation have been conducted on mindfulness meditation and how it can reduce the sense of pain that people feel. Showing that the areas of the brain that send signals to the body to feel the injury are less active, turning down the volume on where the discomfort rests. This is why a lot of people are waking up to the fact that there are alternatives to use for reducing physical suffering, and mindfulness is proving to be a main contender.

If you want to improve your mood and control the chemistry within your body, mindfulness is an effective and natural way to do so.

Mindfulness Lifestyle

Now that you're aware of some of the benefits of mindfulness, it's time to look into a few ways you can practice it. Mindfulness is a skill, and it will become easier to use over time as you incorporate it into your lifestyle. One great way to keep on top of your mind activity is to surround yourself with information and tools that will help you maintain a high level of thought awareness. This means reading blog posts on the subject, reviewing books, and watching YouTube videos and documentaries.

Our environment conditions our thoughts; therefore if we want to live in a mindful way, we must surround ourselves with information that collaborates with our agenda. There are thousands of high-quality YouTube videos on the subject of mindfulness, some of which are guided meditations, others are techniques and methods you can use and practice throughout your day-to-day activities.

To provide yourself with maximum relaxation and a sense of security, it's advised that you run your activity through a Virtual Private Network while using YouTube, especially if you're out and about. It's important that you feel safe and give yourself a space in which you can completely let go emotionally while practicing mindfulness. Securing your devices, accounts and activity will help give you peace of mind.

What thoughts do you have about mindfulness? Do you intend to make it a part of your life? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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