Rich Jacobs

Finding the Root Cause of Your Hormonal Complaints With Rich Jacobs

Today's guest Rich Jacobs is a great classic example of functional medicine in practice.

Rich Jacobs was a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 8 years. He studied physiology, anatomy and movement before getting into functional medicine. He got into functional medicine after he got really sick and found himself in a state of fatigue, allergy to most foods, bloating, insomnia, depression and low libido. His doctor said everything looked good despite not feeling well and was advised to try using Viagra while at 35 years old. 

Not satisfied, he went online and did research to help himself and got directed to functional medicine. He started with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) and went through their educational program. He also had a mentor who used the program on him to help him get better. They found that he had stage 3 adrenal dysfunction and gut bacteria and other issues that were causing all the problems. They fixed them and Jacobs learnt how to help other people. That was four years ago. He's continued with his education through The Institute for Functional Medicine and The Kalish Institute Mentorship Program he's currently enrolled in now.

We talk about Rich Jacob's process on how he uncovers the root causes of hormonal imbalances and how they can be corrected. We also talk about:

  • The big 5: weight gain, depression, fatigue/insomnia, gut issues and female hormone imbalances. 
  • Interconnection between female hormone imbalances and other issues like PMS, skin issues, gut issues
  • What’s normal about PMS and dealing vs eliminating PMS; some quick tips for PMS like making dietary changes, managing stress, getting adequate quality sleep and hydration and blood sugar control
  • Menopause and balancing hormone stressors
  • Some of the root causes of hormonal imbalances like emotional stress, dietary stress and internal inflammation
  • Rich Jacobs' own experience in healing his gut and adrenal glands and the supplements he used and lifestyle changes he made
  • Effects of sing too much antibiotics especially growing up

To learn more about Rich Jacobs, you can find him on his website here, where you can also sign up for his free eBook and get more tips on how to increase energy and reduce fatigue.

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