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Restoring Your Home Properly After Water Damage with Ryan Gilyeat

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It's day 4 of Mold Week and our guest today is Ryan Gilyeat from Oregon Restoration Company.

Ryan and I discuss:

  • Simple things you can do to prevent accidental flooding
  • What to do to minimize the damage once a flood has begun
  • Why not all contractors do the job correctly
  • The three types of water damage
  • How to find a qualified contractor
  • How to make good decisions while doing work yourself


You can listen to this and all other episodes on our podcast or watch directly on our YouTube channel here.

Download notes from this interview with Ryan HERE.

To learn more about Ryan Gilyeat and Oregon Restoration, visit his website here.

Concrobium mold control

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

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