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Making Super Sperm & Amazing Eggs Book Raffle

Two Fertility Books for Your Success!

I feel like a proud parent with two new babies being delivered!  

My first Kindle book, Making Super Sperm: Overcome Male Factor Infertility, Prevent Miscarriage and Make Super Healthy Babies, Naturally, is now in its second edition.  And my new book, Amazing Eggs: How to Naturally Increase Your Fertile Egg Quality, is now ready. 

On the dates November 9-13, 2016, Amazing Eggs will be free on Kindle! On November 10-13, 2016, Making Super Sperm will be available for $.99. Use the blue links above to purchase either! 

See information on a juicy raffle for purchasers below!

These are both Kindle books, but if you don't have a Kindle you can just install a Kindle app on another device to read the books.

Please click here to watch a short video on how to get a Kindle reader for a non-Kindle device.


I really appreciate your feedback on the books.  Just be honest, and your review helps me in many ways!  It also helps other women in your shoes find the help they need.

As a thank you for your purchase and your review on Amazon, I'm hosting a raffle for a private consultation with me, valued at $395.  I will draw the name for the winner on December 15, 2016.  

To write a review, you must be logged into Amazon.  There are two ways to do it:

  1. You can write in on your Kindle after reading. If you swipe past the last page you'll get the option.
  2. You can open up the book title in Amazon, click on the customer reviews, and scroll down. You'll see an option to write a review. Here are the book links: Amazing Eggs,  Making Super Sperm

If you review both books, you get two entries!

I have been a practitioner for 12 years and have treated thousands and thousands of women. I would love to give you insight on your case if you're the winner!!

After you've written your review, enter raffle here.

Thanks and good luck!  Bridgit

Interpreting Your Period Symptoms with Rachel Eyre

Rachel Eyre is a young woman who is of the generation of women that may get their periods quite young due to environmental factors.  Rachel got her period at age 8 or 9, and they came on heavy and painful.  She proceeded to develop an array of troubling symptoms, including severe migraines, and was taking 40 medications at day by age 28.

Luckily for her and us, she turned to natural medicine and educated herself on the causes of women's health woes.  She is now a wealth of knowledge on the following topics:

  • What that weird menstrual color means
  • Why you might have clots
  • A reason behind menstrual headaches
  • A reason behind frequent urination
  • Alternatives to hormonal birth control
  • Uterine positioning and "dancing fallopian tubes"
  • The link between dioxin and endometriosis

She will also cover some cool solutions that you can do at home such as:

  • Yoni steams
  • Castor oil packs
  • Abdominal massage

Rachel taught me a LOT on this interview, and I think you'll learn a lot too!


Rachel's site: thehealthywomb.com

Research site about progesterone and more: cemcor.ca 

Listen here:


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