Paleo for Women (The Get Real Version)

I get beyond "just eat paleo" and get real about a paleo lifestyle that is balanced and healthy for women in this interview with my guest Noelle Tarr, the Chief Empowerment Officer at Coconuts and Kettlebells.

Noelle is very savvy about nutrition and fitness but also very realistic about women's health, in the sense that we can't all look like super models and we can't be "perfect" about our diets 100% of the time.  


I love that Noelle crosses the bridge between, yes, let's have good nutrition and habits, and, yes, let's also embrace our bodies "as-is" and embrace a full life (without the need to count calories or miles run).  It's a bridge that's not crossed enough in conversations about women's health.

"I just want people to be happy."  Noelle Tarr

I hope you can check out this episode with Noelle Tarr below, and you can also check out the podcast she co-hosts, The Paleo Women podcast.  

You can listen to the podcast episode where Noelle and I were both guests on Low Carb Conversation with Jimmy Moore and Dietician Cassie here.

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