Stress Relief through EFT with Dr. Linda Wilson

Do you feel like stress has become your norm?  Or that you are way too busy but can't see how to reduce your load?  Do you have trouble letting go of stressful events, and end up in constant anxiety?

My interview guest today is Linda Wilson, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a hypnotherapist and an Faster Emotional Freedom technique who is based in Melbourne, Australia.  She is also the author of Stress Made Easy:  Peeling Women Off the Ceiling.

"It's about the degree of stress and how we interpret it."

Here's a few things you'll learn from Dr. Linda:

  • Under stress, blood moves away from the forefront of the brain, involved in connection, creativity, problem solving
  • Chronic stress effects your heart, your gut, your immune system
  • Weight gain, insomnia, headaches are common complaints in chronic stress
  • The fatigue of chronic stress can cause negative thinking and emotions
  • The Faster Emotional Freedom Technique, which uses the meridians of Chinese Medicine, touch, images and language to create change.
"Stress is predominantly a learned response."

To learn more about Dr. Wilson and her resources, visit her very pretty website here.

Dr. Linda has a video where you can quickly learn Faster EFT.  This is the one I mention on the audio recording that I tried and it did work for me.

Visual for Tapping Video/ Instructions.

Visual for Tapping Video/ Instructions.

And last but not least, here is the recording of our interview.  You can also subscribe so you'll instantly get every episode on iTunes or most any podcast player.

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