Eliminating Food Sensitivities for the Whole Family with Tom Malterre

I met Tom Malterre on a dance floor getting sweaty to hip hop music.  Yup.

We were both at health conference with a party event, and there were a few of us who clearly shared a love of dancing full on, late night.  

Tom is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine, and he holds a master's degree in Nutritional Science.  

He co-authored a new book with his wife, Ali Segersten, called The Elimination Diet:  Discover the Foods that are Making You Sick and Tired, and Feel Better Fast.

He and his wife have also co-authored two other books mentioned in my podcast interview with Tom:

  • Nourishing Meals:  Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for the Whole Family
  • The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook:  Over 300 Delicious Whole Food Recipes, including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Egg Free

You can find all their books, plus The Elimination Diet support program on their site, WholeLifeNutrition.net.  


On this episode of the podcast, Tom talks about:

  • How removing inflammatory foods eliminates symptoms throughout the body
  • How doing an elimination diet can be as easy as learning a dozen new recipes
  • How children's moods (and adults!) can be effected by foods
  • Why we are sensitive to foods in the first place

Tom has a truly heart-felt desire for people to feel healthier, and his enthusiasm and positivity are contagious.  

Hope you can take time to listen to this episode through the player below, or better yet, subscribe on iTunes or your Android podcast player.

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Do you have a success story about eliminating a food sensitivity?