How Your Adrenal Glands Work with Dr. Saman Rezaie, NMD

Our little adrenal glands (we've got a pair with each kidney) are getting more attention nowadays.  Why?  In one word:  stress.  The stresses of modern life- whether it's traffic, deadlines, pollution, processed food, or late night tv- are really taking a toll on our adrenals. 


In today's interview, Dr. Saman Rezaie, NMD of the Integrative Health clinic in Scotsdale, AZ, explains:

  • How our adrenal glands work
  • The difference between adrenal disorder and adrenal disease
  • The stages of adrenal disorder
  • Why getting tested for adrenal fatigue is not performed in a standard MD's office
  • A few simple things you can do to be nice to your adrenals

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