Fertility Success through the Four Pillars with Angela Tisci, LAc

It's easy to get caught in our 'critter brain' when we are trying to conceive.  Patients and practitioners alike can be so busy chasing symptoms and the latest trends, that the fundamental needs of whole health are ignored.

Today acupuncturist, health coach and holistic fertility expert Angela Tisci teaches us about:

  • The three brains, and how our desire for safety sabotages our ability to change
  • The four pillars of health, including financial health and how this plays into the fertility path
  • How the right career and a clean house can support your fertility!

Angela and I have both been treating fertility for a number of years, and we have a lively discussion on how it's often necessary to take a step back, see the big picture, and smell the roses!  

Whether you are well-intentioned woman on the fertility path, or a well-intentioned practitioner trying to get he best results for your fertility clients, this episode will get you to question your assumptions!

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