The Power of Traditional and Fermented Foods with Tressa Yellig

I'm delighted to have local chef and traditional foods expert Tressa Yellig on the show today. Tressa was an ambitious, young chef when she became very ill with a septic mersa infection. While awaiting surgery, she thankfully got more involved in the fermented food scene, which turned her condition around.  


  • Why traditional foods are 'immediately healing'
  • The trouble with some coconuts and yogurts
  • Why one of their products was a surprise win for chemotherapy patients
  • How kombucha clears brain fog
  • How you can eat traditional foods easily 
  • How you can be one of the first to visit a Broth Bar (we love our Portlandia)

Order products from Tressa's company, Salt, Fire and Time, both locally and away here.  They offers such yummy, delightful foods as coconut yogurt, chocolate truffles, bone broths, fermented sodas and beef jerkies.  

You can also join her newsletter at the close of her home page to learn when Broth Bar opens, or stayed tuned on their instagram page.



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