The Thyroid Brain Connection with Dr. Peter Kan, DC

Low thyroid symptoms are most commonly known to be weight gain, hair loss or cold hands and feet.  Our guest expert today, Dr. Peter Kan, points out that brain symptoms such as brain fog, memory loss and balance issues could also be related to the state of the thyroid.

We also talk about how these 'brain farts' can be early stages of more serious brain disorders later in life, so it's important to address them.

"Thyroid physiology actually starts in the brain."

According to Dr. Kan, the brain needs:  1. fuel (oxygen and glucose) and 2. activation (which comes from movement.)

So the good news is that there is a lot we can do to improve brain health, such as:

  • use yoga to challenge your brain
  • learn new skills to activate your brain
  • drink salted water to increase blood pressure / circulation to brain and body as needed
  • eat regularly to get fuel your brain

We talk about some surprising things like:

  • how chronic toenail fungus can indicate poor neural enervation
  • how facial asymmetries could be a sign of a brain issue

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Dr. Peter Kan is a chiropractic functional neurologist running a clinic called Hope Integrative Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona.  He shares many free health videos on his site,

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