Finding Wellness in the Workplace with Rachel Wagner


I got a request for a show about health initiatives in the workplace.  At first I had no idea who to invite, and then I thought of an old friend, Rachel Wagner.

Rachel has been an active person since childhood, and got a graduate degree in Health Promotion within the field of public health.  

Her first job out of graduate school was with a consulting firm to help businesses of all sizes get healthier.  She never pictured herself in corporate wellness, but she learned a lot.

She now runs wellness programs at a local liberal arts college, and finds her busy, young students have many of the same challenges to health as office workers did.

Rachel observed that people were most successful in improving their health when they made small steps.  She also saw that when health initiatives came from within the employee population, those worked better.  And when there was some kind of community accountability or reward system, that element of fun and togetherness helped people reached their goals.

A big thanks to Rachel for coming on the show, and a big thanks to our subscribers- we love you!

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Episode style:  Conversational