Have a Healthy Relationship with Money with Janin Johnston

Money has power, and energy.  How do you relate to money?  

Do you label money as good, or bad?

Do you overspend it, only to feel guilty later?

Do you avoid it, never checking your bank account?

Are you afraid of it, that you'll never have enough?

Do you feel worthy of spending money on your health, or your pleasure?

Is money the topic of a lot of arguments with your spouse/partner?

Today's interview is a bit out of the box of what you'd traditionally think of as health care, but I find this too-rarely-discussed subject very important.

Money can be a major source of worry, which can severely affect our health.  Money, or fear of spending it, can affect our health care decisions.  Money is also about the biggest reason that couples fight, which again affects our health and happiness.

I hope you can take a little time to listen to this conversation about money and women with our guest expert Janin Johnston of Fashionable Finance.  Janin is a really sweet and bright woman form Hawaii and she is actually an expert on finance and fashion...which is perhaps the goal of many women!

If you'd like to share anything about how you've learned to manage money in a healthy way, please do so below.

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Warm Regards, Bridgit