Anti-Inflammatory Solutions for Fertility: Part 1

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Ah, inflammation.  It does such a good job of gumming up the works of just about everything in the body.  Today we'll start a series learning more about inflammation, what it does to our fertility, and what to do about it.


Why should you care about reducing inflammation?  Because it can disrupt your hormonal system as well as cause blockages in your fallopian tubes and uterus, thus preventing pregnancy.


Let's start with the 4 pillars of reducing inflammation, according to my new fav mentor, Dr. Datis Kharrazian.  These are:


1.  Correcting blood sugar imbalances

2.  Getting the right fatty acids

3.  Correcting gastrointestinal infections and food sensitivities

4.  Clearing detoxification pathway hindrances


Today we'll tackle pillar #1, Correcting blood sugar imbalances.  Chances are you have blood sugar imbalance if any of the following describe you:


1.  Chronic stress

2.  Use of caffeine, sugar, white flour

3.  Skipped or delayed meals

4.  Overeating carbs

5.  Lack of sleep


Get plenty of rest and sleep, avoid processed foods and carb binging, and eat every 3-4 hours to stabilize your blood sugar.  And keep reading this article series!  ~Bridgit

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