Get a Second Opinion on Your Digestion through Functional Medicine

I'm pretty darn excited about the upcoming Digestion Sessions, part 2 of the Second Opinion Series hosted by Underground Wellness.


Registration is now open, and there are some sweet freebies before the event starts in early November.  


Click on the above image  to see a very exciting preview trailer for the event.  

All the event videos are shot in person with beautiful, high-quality production.  It's so cool to see our 'alternative' health leaders looking like true media leaders on the big screen!

Register here

We will be celebrating all things digestion this month on our podcast and blog.  Digestion is critical in supporting all the other systems in the body, as you will learn in the Digestion Sessions.

Stay tuned for talks on kombucha, blogs on GMO foods and more.  

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Bridgit Danner, LAc  

Functional Medicine for Women's Health