Healthy Decision Making: part 2

In Part 1 of this two part article, we talked about how to make decisions from your heart.

Great!  So you've made a bold decision.  You want to lose 40 pounds so you can have more energy for your kids and yourself.  Or you want to start dating again.  Or you want to cook healthy meals.

Perhaps you've made this goal before, and have gotten all excited for about one week.  But then you got frustrated or scared.  Or you felt too busy.  Or you didn't believe in yourself.

How can you avoid getting back into this quagmire?  (Wow, always fun when I can use the word 'quagmire.')

Sky's the limit, baby.

Sky's the limit, baby.

Sometimes the answer comes from within.  Maybe it's not that you chose the wrong diet, or that 'you just can't cook.'

Perhaps instead it's your mindset, or something you assume about yourself.  (You know what they say about assumptions...)

Sometimes the most important work we can do for our health is to look within, to question what we 'know' about ourselves.

One technique is journaling, which I discuss in my free e-book "Ten Tips to Find Ease and Gratitude" you can pick up on my homepage.  Ask yourself, 'what do I believe around this topic?' and then 'are these beliefs really true?'

Tune in to our expert on un-stucking, Tim Gallagher of NLP of San Francisco, CA, on our podcast, Women's Wellness Radio to learn new tools for new results.

To get yourself a different result this time, you need to introduce new tools, and release old, limiting beliefs.  Buh-bye, limiting beliefs!

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