Natural Birth Control with Victoria Zimmerman

Victoria Zimmerman is our guest this week and on this episode we'll talk about running an online business, the art of minimalism and natural birth control.

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Here's what you'll hear: 

Min 01:30 Introduction to Victoria Zimmerman & birth control

Min 07:20 Transitioning to online business

Min 10:00 Enjoying travel & living a minimalist life

Min 16:15 Getting off the birth control pill & its related fears

Min 22:25 FAM Fertility Method & how to use it

Min 24:40 Charting & natural birth control

Min 32:00 Side effects of the birth control methods

Min 33:50 Victoria's recommended apps & devices

Min 37:45 Victoria's courses and services

Please click here to listen to a previous episode I did with Andrea Thorpe about the effects of long-term use of birth control.

Victoria’s Recommended Devices & Apps: 


Kindara app

Clue app

Victoria’s Courses: 

Chart Your Cycle

Ditch the Pill

Menstrual Coaching

To learn more about Victoria Zimmerman, visit her website here and follow her on social media:






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