Hormone Balance After 40 Part 1 with Dr. Ronda Nelson

Dr. Ronda Nelson is a functional nutritionist who works with thyroid, endocrine and digestive issues. She’s our guest this week and we're talking about hormones and menopause.

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Here's what you'll hear: 

Min 02:00 Introduction to Dr. Ronda Nelson & her practice

Min 06:45 Dr. Ronda healing her daughter's cancer

Min 11:40 Root causes & generational risks

Min 13:50 Lifestyle factors while entering menopause

Min 17:20 Supporting the adrenal glands

Min 18:10 Weight gain and adrenal dysfunction

Min 25:45 Estrogen (E2, E1 & E3)

Min 28:50 Forgetfulness in perimenopausal women

Min 32:50 Tribulus herb & how it works

Min 35:15 Vaginal dryness and Dr. Ronda's recommended remedies

Min 41:00 Bio-identical hormones & their effects

Min 47:40 Lab tests for hormone overdose & taking a woman out of bio-identical hormones

To learn more about Dr. Ronda Nelson, you can visit her website here and follow her on social media:






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