Picky Eaters

The Value of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Dr. Jessica Black, ND


Dr. Jessica Black, ND is an experienced clinician and accomplished author.  Her first book, which started as a compilation of the recipe suggestions she was giving to her clients, became very popular.  She has since written a second edition of The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, as well as a companion version, More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes.

She also co-authored a book about Living with Crohn's and Colitis, and is currently working on books about a blood sugar diet, and then pediatrics.  Somehow in all this she manages to see patients at her clinics in Portland, OR, and McMinnville, OR, raise two daughters, and eat tons a vegetables along the way!

With her varied background, we bounce around a bit, talking about picky eaters and how she's developed a strong plan for controlling blood sugar in her clinic.  But at the core of this conversation is the anti-inflammation diet.

This diet is so important because it prevents and treats so many diseases, from PCOS to joint pain to gastric distress.  Yes, we know there are so many fad diets, but when my clients ask me what diet I promote, I usually say the anti-inflammation diet.  It's safe, and treats the array of diseases caused by inflammation (much of which comes from inflammatory foods.)

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