Life Is About Choices By Rachel Adams

Many times we are faced with challenges and they can knock us down. There are things that happen in life that can literally rock you to your core and you simply have no control over that. The question then becomes, how do you choose to respond? 

Life is all about CHOICES. Everyday we have the chance to wake up and either decide to make it a good day, or let the little things that are going to happen ruin our day.

I made a decision about 4 years ago that I was only going to choose joy and happiness for my life. From that day, whenever things would get me down, I would allow just a short 5 minute pity party, embrace the feelings, and then move forward.

Sometimes big things happen in life. When fire burned down my parents' house of 38 years, we were incredibly sad. But I chose to look on the positive side. We supported each other the best way we could, gave lots of hugs to those around us, shared love & stories, and made plans of how to move forward. 

Life has a way of tossing us things we don't expect. But if we keep our eyes and hearts open, it can send beauty and love our way. Do you remember the moment you chose how you would lead your life? If you haven't, it's not too late! 

Why? Because the CHOICE is yours! 


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