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Choosing a Doula / Becoming a Doula with Bianca Sprague & Natasha Marchand

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Bianca Sprague & Natasha Marchand are the founders of Bebo Mia, a training organization for doulas providing mentorship & community for pregnancy, birth and parenting. In this episode we talk about choosing a doula and if you've been thinking of becoming a doula, you'll find out what it's like to be one and if it's the right calling for you.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 02:50 Introduction to Bianca & Natasha's training & work
Min 03:50 Working as a team of doulas & where to start
Min 10:15 Who is a doula & what does it involve?
Min 14:30 Bebo Mia's Eco-baby program
Min 17:15 Infant sleep patterns
Min 20:50 Fertility & postpartum training
Min 24:00 Finding a qualified doula
Min 26:55 Becoming a doula with Bebo Mia's program
Min 33:00 Knowing if being a doula is right for you

To learn more about Natasha & Bianca, visit their Bebo Mia website here and follow them on social media:

Bebo Mia's Resources:

Free Online Training Workshop  

Doula Training

Eco Baby certification program

Infant Sleep Educator certification program

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