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Mold Week is here, and I’m so pleased to share our first interview with Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. Dave may be best known for his Bulletproof coffee but what started it all was his quest to end his chronic, mysterious illness, which he later learned was triggered by toxic mold.

Dave’s interview is a good sampling of the many aspects of mold. We talk about:

  • Your odds of having a water-damaged home

  • Why modern homes are great homes for toxic mold

  • How you can get sick from a water-damaged building without realizing the source

  • How toxic mold is found in human and animal food

  • A Bulletproof ® diet to avoid mold and help your body recover

  • Dave’s favorite supplements to help clear mold

  • A spray that helps stop mold growth

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Dave Asprey's Resources:

Moldy Documentary

Homebiotic Shopping Site

Bulletproof Diet Poster

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