Essential Oils for Women's Health with Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC

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Essential oils are really growing in popularity.  They are fun and easy to use, but there is a lot to learn!  Which ones are best for you?  How do you use them?  What about the quality?

We answer many of these questions with Dr. Mariza Snyder, an essential expert and women's health expert.  

Tune into the podcast interview (see player below) to hear the interview.  

We also recorded a short video together, and I have that link playing below as well.  Lastly, I was inspired to create an eBook to organize all the juicy details Dr. Mariza was throwing down!  You can pick that up below too.

What I love about Dr. Mariza is that she makes health information really accessible and practical for women to use.  (She's a virgo like me so that's our thing!)

Podcast Interview


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YouTube Video

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