Four Tips for Menopause

When your ovaries are shutting down or have shut down, what is most important is to stabilize and nourish other systems.  You can be more energetic, balanced and joyful when all systems are a go!

So I want to highlight a few key systems to support, and share a tidbit on how to support each one:

1.  Adrenals- These glands will give you your get-up-and-go, and well as help you handle stress.  Tip:  Being fully asleep by 10 PM will allow you to repair these glands on a nightly basis.

2. Pancreas- This gland supports blood sugar handling, and it doesn't appreciate peaks and valleys.  When you jack in with sugars or skipped meals, you can get anxious, fat, fatigued and more.  Tip:  Also choose slow-burning whole starches like sweet potato, quinoa or wild rice.  Avoid processed treats and alcohol.

3.  Liver- Your liver starts the recycling process of hormones, so you want it running smoothly.  Tip:  Support with your liver with foods it likes such as pastured eggs, onion, garlic, brussels sprouts and spinach.

4. Intestines- The recycling/detoxification process continues in the colon, so you want a healthy gut that moves at least every 24 hours.  Tips:  Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut.  Aim for 20 different types a week!  Walking after a meal is great for digestion too, and it signals to your body to uptake sugars, thus avoiding insulin resistance and weight gain.

Getting older is inevitable, but being tired and miserable is optional!  You may need to learn a few new tricks to stay healthy, but it's totally worth it!

Article by Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

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