Join the New Podcast Fan Club

I'm very excited to announce our new podcast fan club!  Is 'fan club' a goofy name?  Does it remind you of the Mickey Mouse club?  Probably, but I'm still excited.  Members of the fan club will enjoy a private Facebook group with access to our experts, me and the many wonderful members of our community.  

It's totally free to join: just follow the steps below!  Cheers, Bridgit  

To Join:

  1. Get subscribed on iTunes or your podcast player

  2. Leave us a review at iTunes*

  3. Share the show, or your favorite episode on Facebook, email your girlfriends, share on Twitter- whatever option you like to show your fan-hood.  Here's theshow roll.

  4. Once you've done these steps, go to the Fan Club Facebook page and ask to join.  Then we'll hook you up.

  5. Mark your calendar because our first free, live Q and A is Tuesday, October 6 at 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST.

*To leave a review on iTunes, you need to be logged into your iTunes account.  Then go to the podcast tab, search "Womens Wellness Radio" and select our show.  You will see an option to rate and review.