Re-Thinking Women's Nutrition with Dr. Ann Childers, MD

Does what you eat matter for your mental health?  According to Dr. Ann Childers, MD, it sure does.  

Dr. Childers is a child and adult trained psychiatric physician with a passionate interest in regaining our physical and mental health through nutrition and sleep. 

Dr. Childers was 'trying to eat right' when the whole low-fat craze was going on in the U.S.  Despite her best efforts, she was getting increasingly dizzy and anxious, and had become pre-diabetic.  

Since then she's adopted a ketogenic (high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein) diet, with great results for her own health.  She also works with her pyschiatric clients to establish this diet, along with healthy sleep habits, for improved mental health.

We talk about her nutritional experiences, plus the new dietary guidelines for Amercians, in this episode.  Dr. Childers is thrilled that the new guidelines, based on scientific evidence, are letting fats back into our diets, while limiting sugars. 

Learn more about Dr. Childers, who blogs regularly and has a private practice in Lake Oswego, OR, here.