Healing Leaky Gut and Dysbiosis with Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan is a Microbiologist with over 20 years experience in the probiotics industry. In this webinar we did in May, Kiran talks about leaky gut, the microbiome, gluten, the immune system & supplements for a leaky gut.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 03:20 Introduction to WWC
Min 04:05 Kiran Krishnan & his work
Min 08:35 Leaky gut progression
Min 13:13 Effects of a leaky gut
Min 17:15 Effects of stress on the gut
Min 20:40 Symptoms of a leaky gut
Min 23:30 Is leaky gut genetic?
Min 27:15 Gluten & Megaspore
Min 33:25 Eating right
Min 35:50 Megaspore
Min 43:20 Getting the right probiotic
Min 48:25 GI Restore supplement
Min 50:25 Taking probiotics for bloating
Min 54:30 GI Assist supplement & gut restoration kit
Min 1:01:00 Parasites & leaky gut
Min 1:04:35 Candida, immune deficiency & breastfeeding while on probiotics
Min 1:11:00 Histamine


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Here's the video version of the interview with Kiran Krishnan:


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