Healing Leaky Gut and Dysbiosis with Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan is a Microbiologist with over 20 years experience in the probiotics industry. In this webinar we did in May, Kiran talks about leaky gut, the microbiome, gluten, the immune system & supplements for a leaky gut.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 03:20 Introduction to WWC
Min 04:05 Kiran Krishnan & his work
Min 08:35 Leaky gut progression
Min 13:13 Effects of a leaky gut
Min 17:15 Effects of stress on the gut
Min 20:40 Symptoms of a leaky gut
Min 23:30 Is leaky gut genetic?
Min 27:15 Gluten & Megaspore
Min 33:25 Eating right
Min 35:50 Megaspore
Min 43:20 Getting the right probiotic
Min 48:25 GI Restore supplement
Min 50:25 Taking probiotics for bloating
Min 54:30 GI Assist supplement & gut restoration kit*
Min 1:01:00 Parasites & leaky gut
Min 1:04:35 Candida, immune deficiency & breastfeeding while on probiotics
Min 1:11:00 Histamine


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*While we no longer offer the Gut Restoration Kit as is outlined in the podcast, we now carry a line of products from Microbiome Labs that are specially formulated to work synergistically with MegaSporeBiotic. You can check out those products here.

Here's the video version of the interview with Kiran Krishnan:


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