Lyme Disease in Women and Children with Dr. Elena Frid

Dr. Elena Frid is a Board Certified Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist and a specialist in Lyme disease. She is our guest this week and we will mainly talk about Lyme disease which is on the rise, as well as symptoms and testing. 

Click here to download an mp3 of "Lyme Disease in Women & Children with Dr. Elena Frid.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 01:25 Introduction to Dr. Elena Frid
Min 04:15 Psychiatric symptoms of Lyme patients
Min 05:50 Dr. Frid's training & practice
Min 09:00 What is Lyme disease?
Min 10:50 Lyme endemic areas
Min 12:45 Dr. Frid's Insect Repellant Kidswear
Min 14:35 What other insects can spread Lyme disease
Min 18:00 Percentage of Lyme patients who get their problems resolved with antibiotics
Min 19:15 Rate of increase & testing of Lyme disease
Min 23:35 Lyme disease as a neurological disease
Min 25:15 Lyme disease among women & children
Min 29:15 The connection between gut health & Lyme disease
Min 31:30 Symptoms of Lyme disease & when to test

To learn more about Dr. Elena Frid, visit her website here and follow her on social media:

Dr. Elena Frid's Resources:

Interpreting Your Lyme test, Not That Easy! - how to interpret your lab tests

Insect Repellant Kidswear

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