What's Up with Medical Marijuana? With Brodie Welch & Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Rachna Patel is an Osteopathic physician and an expert of medical marijuana. This episode is about using some of the medicinal qualities of marijuana for various treatments and dosages but it is not meant to get people high.

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Here's what you'll hear: 

Min 02:25 Dr. Patel’s introduction to medical marijuana
Min 04:00 Results of using marijuana on MS & arthritis
Min 07:10 Therapeutic & toxic dosages
Min 10:20 Getting to the root of the problem with the right dosage
Min 11:30 Opium addiction & marijuana
Min 14:00 Conditions that can & can’t be treated with medical marijuana
Min 16:20 Side effects of using marijuana & when not to use it
Min 21:40 Acupuncture
Min 23:30 Ways of delivering marijuana to the body
Min 25:00 Surprising benefits & success stories of using marijuana

Brodie Welch is the host of the podcast ‘A Healthy Curiosity’. You can find her on her website here and on social media:




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This episode was originally featured on Brodie Welch's podcast "A Healthy Curiosity" here.


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