Heal Your Pain With Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is a doctor of physical therapy, board certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner who specializes in treating persistent pain and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal, metabolic and autoimmune health issues. In this episode we’ll be talking about pain and some of his recommendations.

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Here’s what you’ll hear: 

Min 01:50 Introduction to Dr. Joe Tatta

Min 07:40 Cortisol & chronic stress & how they relate to pain

Min 09:50 Acute & chronic pain

Min 13:50 Repair & healing scar tissue

Min 16:30 Fear of voidance & how to deal with it

Min 20:40 The mindset & reframing pain catastrophizing thoughts

Min 29:15 Nacebo thoughts and effects

Min 31:50 Cortisol effects & recommendations for reversing it

Min 35:20 Releasing pain through awareness and visualization

Min 37:30 Nutrition and immunity


To learn more about Dr. Joe Tatta, you can find him on his website here and follow him on social media:






Dr. Tatta's Resources: 

Heal Your Pain Now Book

The Healing Pain Podcast

Pain Quiz - will test you on your knowldege about pain and give you the underlying root cause of your specific pain


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