The Hormonal Imbalances That Make You Gain Weight With Cammi Balleck


Our guest this week is Cammi Balleck. She is a naturopath and a previous guest of Women's Wellness Radio. She returns to the show to talk about weight loss and hormones.

Cammi believes that diet and exercise are not enough. When treating patients, she looks at the entire hormone system.

In this episode, we talk about hormonal imbalances and the next steps to take if you have been doing everything right but can’t lose weight. We also talk about:

- Estrogen and progesterone ratio balance.

- Hormonal birth control and hormonal creams

- Cortisol (stress hormone). Belly fat can be linked to high levels of cortisol

- Insulin resistance and its association with weight loss

- Benefits of adaptive exercises and yoga, Pilates, meditation and others that do not involve high levels of activity

- Testosterone and its functions in the body.

- Leptin, also known as the weight loss hormone

- Inflammation

- Neurotransmitter hormone – Serotonin

- Epstein–Barr virus and how it can affect hormones

- Tips to help in weight loss

You can learn more about Cammi Balleck on her website. She has a blog and you can find an article she wrote "Is Your Body Resistant to Weight Loss?".

You can buy a hormone test kit from her website and she will provide free results evaluation after you take the test. 

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Thanks for listening.

Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative.

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