Best Essential Oils for Liver Detox


Combat Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalances with Essential Oils for Your Liver

Your liver works tirelessly day in and day out to clear toxins out of your body and keep you healthy. But what happens when it’s overrun with toxins?

Do you know the signs of an overburdened liver? In today’s world teaming with toxins, knowing how to support your liver and detox pathways is a must.

Fortunately, a stressed liver sends out a few clear warning signs that it is reaching the end of its rope. These include:

  • Fatigue and poor sleep quality

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Menstrual cycle disturbances

  • Bloating or excessive gas

  • Allergies

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to learn more about cleansing your liver! Read on to learn my best tips for using essential oils to support liver detoxification.

Causes of Liver Toxicity

The typical liver is responsible for a laundry list of tasks that keep your body in prime physical condition. It filters your food intake, helps toxins to leave the body, stores glycogen, creates bile, and so much more.

One of the primary jobs of the liver is to metabolize and properly filter the foods and chemicals we put into our bodies. Unfortunately, this process often releases free radicals that can affect us in a variety of ways. (1)

First and foremost, it is easy to see that your liver suffers when your body is exposed to heavy metals and other toxins in the environment. You might be exposed to these liver-straining pollutants in the form of:

  • Air pollution

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Technology

  • Food additives or genetically-modified food (GMO’s)

  • Machinery

  • Volatile organic compounds in furniture or flooring

  • Pesticides

  • Vaccines

The list of sources for potential toxins is nearly endless. Your home is likely a haven for these potential poisons unless you take drastic measures to reduce the level of toxicity. Some people are primarily exposed to heavy metals and other toxins in their workplace. A poor diet is another common factor in developing toxicity.

Being exposed to toxins is a given in our modern world. Everything from our environment to our diet influences the health of our livers. So what can we do to heal and protect ourselves?

Using Essential Oils for Liver Healing

Detoxing your liver requires a holistic approach.You must first remove yourself from the environmental toxins that surround you. Adopting a natural plant-based diet with organic fruits and vegetables can also limit the amount of toxins that you are exposed to. However, using essential oils for liver healing can be a powerful support to flush out the toxins that are already in your body.

Using your cleansing essential oils, you have two main options for application: aromatherapy and topical application.

Aromatherapy consists of breathing in the aroma of the essential oils, either straight from the bottle or from a diffuser. Breathing in the antioxidants found in these powerful essential oils aids your body at the cellular level, as it fights free radical toxicity in the liver.

Topical application is also a powerful tool to help detox your liver. You can mix these essential oils with carrier oils to make lotions, massage oils, and more. Homemade products can be excellent alternatives to your current cosmetics products that may be contributing to your toxicity.

*Note: Citrus oils, such as lemon and grapefruit, are phototoxic, which mean that you should not use them topically before heading out into the sun, as this will increase your chance of developing a sunburn.

The Five Best Essential Oils for a Liver Detox

These oils have antioxidants that help reduce the number of free radicals produced by the liver, decreasing your risk of developing different liver diseases.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most powerful essential oils that can be used to rid your body of unwanted toxins. It is composed of several major compounds known as sesquiterpenes, small molecules that easily pass through the blood-brain barrier. (3) This quality gives them antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make turmeric an ideal candidate for liver detox.

Because of its inherent ability to heal, turmeric helps flush out the liver while combating some of the common side effects. Many people report that their hormonal imbalances level out and inflamed tissues start to subside with frequent use of turmeric essential oil. It can also improve your digestion and combat the bloating, gas, or constipation you might be experiencing from your liver toxicity.

2. Lemon

The potential health benefits of lemon essential oil reach far and wide. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is also one of the best liver cleanse supplements. Most people already realize this powerful citrus oil is antibacterial, but it is also extremely beneficial as an antioxidant that can help to cleanse toxins from the body.

According to one research study performed in early 2019, the antioxidant effects of lemon essential oil can create a protective effect on the brain, lungs, and digestive organs found in rats exposed to aspirin. (4)

Much like turmeric, lemon essential oil combats your liver toxicity while also reducing your side effects.You can experience a natural burst in energy when you use citrus oils, helping you to go toe-to-toe with the fatigue commonly encountered with liver toxicity.

3. Grapefruit

An essential oil that is high in antioxidant properties, grapefruit is ideal for a liver cleanse. Grapefruit essential oil and its primary ingredient, limonene, have some of the highest radical-scavenging activity among many of the most popular essential oils. (5)

Like many of the other best essential oils for a liver cleanse, grapefruit essential oil is naturally antiviral and antiseptic. It is capable of supporting the digestive system while you rid your body of these toxins. Inhaling the scent of fresh grapefruit essential oil can give you a much-needed boost, in both your body and your mind.

4. Rosemary

Reaching into your spice cabinet, you might happen upon a dusty bottle of this seasoning. Because of its association with savory meals, many people overlook the true power of rosemary essential oil. However, this is one oil that you absolutely need if you want to know how to cleanse your liver.

Rosemary is effective because it is one of the best iron chelators to help protect your DNA. It also combines powerful antioxidant effects that reduce the number of free radicals that are roaming through your body. (6) When compared to similar essential oils (such as oregano, sage, and thyme), rosemary essential oil proved to have the highest capabilities of chelating iron and protecting the actual DNA of your cells.

5. Clove

The warm and spicy smell of clove essential oil has much to offer when it comes to liver detox. Much like rosemary essential oil, clove is known to have an iron-chelating effect that can preserve and protect the DNA of your cells. However, its real power is in its antioxidant capabilities that far surpass the next closest essential oil.

According to the Natural Institute on Aging, there is a scale to rank the antioxidant capabilities of various essential oils. This scale is referred to as the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). According to the spices and herbs studied in 2010, clove came in with the highest mean antioxidant value. (7) This essential oil can help to balance out the free radicals produced by the liver when it is in a state of oxidative stress.

doTERRA Blends

Sometimes, it is beneficial to harness the power of multiple essential oils in one convenient bottle to help detox your liver. These blends from doTERRA include the single essential oils mentioned here, alongside support oils for enhanced detox.


Zendocrine is known for its ability to help flush unwanted toxins from your body. It combines rosemary, cilantro, and juniper berry. Perform a full-body reset by applying this blend (diluted with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or jojaba oil) to the soles of your feet three times each week. You may also choose to apply it to the area of your abdomen directly over the liver.

DDR Prime

DDR Prime uses clove, lemongrass, frankincense, and wild orange to improve your immune system and take out free radicals. As part of your daily regimen, take one to two drops in your hot lemon water to support your immune system and help preserve cellular integrity within the body.

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Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, is trained in functional health coaching and has worked with thousands of women over her career since 2004. She is the founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative llc and