Why You Should Work Out with Women, with Nikki Warren

Nikki (far left) and her sisters!

Nikki (far left) and her sisters!

I really fell for Nikki Warren of Kaia Fit, and I think you will too!  Though she runs a busy business with 58 locations, she is grounded, present and grateful.

Hear how she went from being a pregnant teen, to having her boyfriend die suddenly, to having an infant son with serious health challenges...to kick-ass mom, wife, athlete and business owner!

Nikki has 4 sisters, and definitely believes in the idea of sisterhood.  The gym she founded with her husband, which now has other business partners, is exclusively for women.


  • Why she thinks working out with other women is important
  • How we can do a quick work-out at home 
  • What 'functional movement' is
  • How we can take first steps to working out
  • Why she thinks variety is important in our workouts
  • How she trains groups of women for triathlons though I Kan Tri

Nikki and I recorded a short YouTube exercise video here. (She exercises, I just watch!)

Find out more about Kaia Fit here.

Nikki and her sisters at their group blog, Frank 5 Sisters.

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