Best Work Out for Women

Why You Should Work Out with Women, with Nikki Warren

Nikki (far left) and her sisters!

Nikki (far left) and her sisters!

I really fell for Nikki Warren of Kaia Fit, and I think you will too!  Though she runs a busy business with 58 locations, she is grounded, present and grateful.

Hear how she went from being a pregnant teen, to having her boyfriend die suddenly, to having an infant son with serious health kick-ass mom, wife, athlete and business owner!

Nikki has 4 sisters, and definitely believes in the idea of sisterhood.  The gym she founded with her husband, which now has other business partners, is exclusively for women.


  • Why she thinks working out with other women is important
  • How we can do a quick work-out at home 
  • What 'functional movement' is
  • How we can take first steps to working out
  • Why she thinks variety is important in our workouts
  • How she trains groups of women for triathlons though I Kan Tri

Nikki and I recorded a short YouTube exercise video here. (She exercises, I just watch!)

Find out more about Kaia Fit here.

Nikki and her sisters at their group blog, Frank 5 Sisters.

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How to Choose the Right Work Out with Zlata Sushchik


You can almost guess by her name that Zlata Sushchik has an interesting story.  Immigrating from Russia to Alaska as a teen, and new to the English language, she stumbled into a saving grace when a friend convinced her to join a bodybuilding competition.

She went on the win many titles, and learned a lot about nutrition, fitness and motivation along the way.  She now runs an online coaching business called SexyFit which has helped many women lose weight and feel great in a healthy way.

You can also check out her podcast, where I was a guest on episode #30.

I consider myself a half-way fit person, but I know very little about the best ways to work out in comparison to Zlata.  She shares in this interview a comparison of different work out methods, and some advanced ways to approach your gym work out.

She also shares her views on food, which include not being too rigid, eating whole foods, and avoiding scammy weight loss products.  She has also learned that in order to really get fit and lose weight, you need to identify your 'big why' to keep yourself motivated.

Having burned out her adrenals in the early years of her competition days, she had to cut back on exercise a lot to recover.  So she is well versed in meeting women where they are, and choosing the right exercise for each stage.

I really enjoyed this interview with Zlata, and I know you will too!  Hey, if you aren't yet subscribed, check it out on iTunes or most podcast players.