Holistic Care of Pregnancy and Babies with Laura Brayton, DC

Dr. Laura Brayton, DC is definitely an expert on holistic care for pregnancy and children, so I'm glad to have her on the podcast to answer some of the questions I commonly get from women.

Here are some cool things I learned on the episode:

  • How the prejudge against natural medicine got started, and why it's shifting

  • The best first foods for babies

  • Know the signs that your baby isn't yet ready for solid food

  • How adjustments are safe and beneficial for pregnancy and kids

  • How your pregnancy adjustments also benefit your baby!

  • How your unborn child can benefit from Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique!

  • Her favorite probiotic for kids under 2 (see below)

  • How clean eating isn't enough for detoxification 

  • Why tummy time and crawling cannot be skipped!

  • Why you should get adjustments for a better birth experience and outcome

  • How exactly your breastfeeding baby gets your probiotics

  • How baby's saliva will adjust our breast milk content!


Dr. Laura's site in Hoboken, New York

Also search her podcast in your podcast player, Well-Adjusted Mama

Site to find a pediatric specialized chiropractor

Klaire Labs Infant Probiotic Formula  


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