Smart Shopping to Stretch Your Health Food Budget with Jamie Logie

Did you know the grocery store is laid out in a way to get you to spend more?  Did you know that one moldy food in your fridge can infect all the other foods in there?

These and other fascinating tidbits can be found on today's podcast with guest health expert, Jamie Logie.

Jamie is a blogger, podcaster, heath coach and personal trainer out of London, Ontario. You can find his book, articles and show at his website, Regained Wellness.

If you struggle with some of these issues (like I do), tune in:

  • Buying multiple items you didn't intend to buy
  • Buying one bag of groceries at the upscale natural grocery store and wondering how it was $80
  • Feeling guilty because you had to toss out a few pieces of produce that went rotten
  • Wondering how to store onions so you don't get a gross, moldy one
  • Wanting to save money, without going to 3 stores per weekend
  • Wanting to get out of the whole grocery store scene, and into your local markets
After listening to the show, I encourage you to share your own tips on how you shop healthy for a good price.  I'll share mine below!

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