Thirteen People Who Have Helped My Health This Year

As I was organizing for an article on WHAT has improved my health this year, I realized I first need to write about WHO has improved my health this year.

I realized that every new health idea came from a person, whether someone quite close to me, or someone I never have met.

So here goes:

 1.  My husband Travis

Travis called me out on some ways that I have been bringing negativity into my communication and home life.  Sometimes we need to be called out!  Knowing that my son and husband are the most important people in my life, I’ve really been trying to be more calm and loving in my daily interactions.  

2.  My son Lincoln

My seven-year-old son is so sweet and caring, and so curious and excited about the world.  He teaches me about the real meaning of life.

3.  My office manager Amy

It’s not easy to run a small business, and for years I struggled with feeling unsupported.  I am so thankful to have Amy who offers the dedication that allows me more breathing room.

4.  My FDN mentors

This year I completed my course in Functional Diagnosis Nutrition.  I am completely fascinated by functional medicine and am grateful for all I am learning about my own health through this work.  My special thanks to Reed Davis, Ann Melin and Lisa Pomeroy.

5.  My yoga teachers

I fell away from yoga as some of my favorite teachers moved to other studios.  To my delight they joined forces and opened up a very sweet studio, Love Hive Yoga, where I’ve been falling in love with the practice all over again.

6. My staff at Blue Sky

I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who make light of leaking roofs and rodents with jokes and smiles.  If only every work place could be so fun.

7.  My local practitioners

Some years ago I became obsessed with the online world.  Over time I realize that online is great, but it can never fully replace in-person contact.  I am thankful for the massages, cranio-sacral therapy and acupuncture that keep me in close communication with my body.

8.  My new friend Pista

I told a new friend about this crazy practice I heard about called the Miracle Morning where you get up early to do 6 self-help habits.  He said, “great, let’s do it!”  Thanks to him I am actually getting up and doing this powerful practice.

9.  My colleagues

I am blessed to have a growing network of colleagues who inspire me, believe in me and help me.  I learn from their knowledge and am energized for my mission thanks to them. I’m so happy to share their health expertise with you.

10.  Mother Earth

I heard somewhere that we are least thankful for what we have the most.  So I’ll pause a moment to be thankful for the air I breathe and the gravity that holds me to this beautiful planet.

11. My farmers and grocers

How lucky am I that I only have to go about two miles to get fresh, organic groceries?  Thanks to the people at my favorite market, New Seasons, to our CSA this year, Winslow Food Forest, and to all the farmers and ranchers who may never meet me me but keep me alive!

12.  My support companies

Here’s a shout out to the supplement and lab companies I work with.  The labs we can run nowadays are so sophisticated and amazing, and the supplement formulations we have access to are equally so.

13.  You!

Having an online community is something I really enjoy.  Imagine so many women, with so many backgrounds and stories, with a common striving for health.  Thank you!

I could go on and on, but I’ll call it for now!  Stay tuned for some of my favorite STUFF that kept me healthy this year.  ~Bridgit

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?  Please share below.  It feels good to state it publicly, and it feels good for us to read it too!