Why Chronic Bloating Happens with Dr. Eric Rieger

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Dr. Eric Rieger is an anesthetist and registered nurse. He is our guest this week where we talk about bloating, SIBO, IBS, gut bacteria, causes of chronic bloating, and polyphenols.

Here's what you'll hear:

Min 02:55 Causes of SIBO
Min 05:55 Dr. Rieger's health history
Min 08:45 Archaea bacteria in the small bowel
Min 11:20 Other bacteria found in the bowel
Min 13:50 Chronic bloating & foods that feed bloating
Min 20:15 Resetting & intermittent fasting
Min 23:10 Foods that increase bloating (FODMAP foods)
Min 29:30 Polyphenols
Min 34:50 Using Atrantil

To learn more about Dr. Eric Rieger & Atrantil, visit this website and follow him on social media:


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Here's the video version of the interview with Dr. Eric Rieger:

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