Your Hormones And Your Immune System With Justin Marchegiani

Dr. Justin Marchegiani is a functional medicine practitioner with a private practice in Houston, Texas. He has extensive training in kinesiology, functional medicine, chiropractic medicine, nutrition, chronic infections and blood chemistry.

Today’s episode is about estrogen dominance and we will be talking about the immune system and hormones. We talk about how estrogen dominance can cause immune dysregulations, the branches of the immune system and how they work, what foods/nutrients support them and treating the immune system.

We also talk about:
- Why the immune system matters and the difference between women and men's systems. 
- Exposure to chemicals
- Causes of estrogen dominance
- Symptoms of estrogen dominance including PMS, cramping, breast tenderness, moodiness, back pain, excessive menstruation and migraines
- The reason why so many women have increased frequency of autoimmune conditions
- The working of TH1 & TH2
- How to boost/regulate the immune system and herbs to take to boost TH1 and TH2
- Inflammation and other hormones that affect the immune system

To learn more about hormone balance, visit Justin's website here. You can also follow him on Facebook and on his YouTube account.

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Bridgit Danner, Founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

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